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Lifestyle Headshots

What is a Lifestyle Headshot?

Professional lifestyle portrait photography involves capturing images of individuals engaged in their regular business activities / non-traditional backdrop headshot. These photographs aim to provide a glimpse into the daily life of the subject and offer an intimate connection with the viewer or potential customer.

With a Lifestyle headshot session we will capture you in your professional element or outdoors of your chosen location.

Mini Headshot


15 minutes

1 outfit

3-5 images

Full Headshot


45 minutes

1 location

1-2 outfits

10 images

Mobile Headshots

What is a Mobile Headshot Session?

We come to your chosen location -- office or home and set up our quick studio in your space to capture your professional headshot.

Why choose a Mobile Headshot over going to a studio? The convenience of us coming to you! Especially with multiple staff members needing headshots; you can eliminate travel time and the hassle for your staff!



45 minutes

1 location

1-2 outfits

3-5 images

Corporate office

1-5 employees : $250

6-10 employees : $500

11-15 employees : $750

16-20 employees : $1,000

1 location

1-2 outfits

1-3 images per employee; up to clients discretion

Includes photos of business building, staff, groups and additional details preferred

The Project of the Quad Citites TPQC Headshots Department Photos
Bureau Police Department group photography corporate
838 boutique fashion store corporate group photography business
Quad Cities Music Therapy group photography corporate
Skip a long group photography corporate event
Storm Recovery group photography corporate buniess

Other Must Haves!

Corporate Event


4 hours

Minimum 100 images


Interviews, branding, or events...Reach out for a quote today!

Product Photography

Message us for a quote!

Food Photography Baja Tacos Fish
Food Photography Baja Tacos Alcoholic beverages drink
Food Photography Baja Tacos Birria

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